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"Art is always the replacing of indifference by attention." Guy Davenport

I am primarily interested in photography for its sense of the real. I get excited about objects and places and all the supplementary things that make up the main experiences in life. I want to represent these as meaningful things so I use the veracity of photographic depiction to help convey that connection. Concomitantly, I want to produce an experiential view and not just a scenic one. I try to expand on the descriptive abilities of photography and embrace its transformative qualities. My work focuses on the landscape. How we stand in relation to it, how we move from the general to the specific, and how our lives are interwoven into the histories of places. I make photographs not only to honor what is in front of the camera, but also to create a sense of inclusion. The act of attention is a way of belonging. In this way photography is a tool that supports and builds our involvement with the world. A landscape is a presentation of forces at work, from the biological and geological to the human. The display of those forces can be tremendously subtle. As an artist I am interested in the properly evocative and appropriately sensitive quality of that presentation. How the context of something helps us understand what it is. How shapes, as both symbol and metaphor, help us acknowledge space. How space, combined with our experience and memory, defines a place.

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