Bill Mattick

c a l i f o r n i a -- p h o t o m a n

All the photographs and text are copyrighted

Ten New (1995) photographs from Bill

Middleclass artist with a day job, photoman is my brother. His pictures defer to
the awkward mystery below the sufface of ordinary scenes.

Improvising on anxiety and lust
photoman makes pictures.
A visual bluesman he gives expression
to his longing and sadness and effective/y celebrates the moment.

8-5 stiff with beeper on his belt
fellow citizen of the electronic village
watcher of the nightly news
observer of rampant disconnections
meaninglessness, cancer, crime and nuclear proliferation.
Like the rest of us his soul stews in anxiety's relentless heat.
He looks through his viewfinder for a sense of place
for an essential link to his fellow inhabitants,
He finds nothing left to trust but his impulses.
He is not ashamed of his uncertainty and doesn't attempt to cover it
with style.
His pictures reveal a search that may never resolve in

Just another American
The dream tarnished inside and out
World going by on tape cassette
A bit obsessed with belonging
To behemoth mother, electronic modern society
Homo Sapien Americanus always hungary consumer
Of the melting ball of wax,
Check it out.
The utter lack of design in the multifarious
Layers of so much design
The air is darker
The acid rain is falling
Everywhere There is an unrequited anticipation
From fantasies of paranoid fingers twitching
Obsessively over red buttons of doom
(Just a nervous twitch?)
Doubt is not so corrosive when acknowledged

copyright Bill Tierney Santa Barbara. CA. 1984
(photos from the portfolio Pictures for Americans and a one man exhibition PHOTOMAN an american view 1979 to 1994.)

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