Anonymous views - of mainly Southern Connecticut - c. 1910-1925

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These photographs are a selection out of a photo album purchased in the summer of 1995 in Wallingford, Vermont on the way back from Tanglewood. The album is a black photo album measuring about 24"X18" inches. The photographs are in reasonable shape and divide between simple 5X7 prints and carefully mounted 8X10's. There are approximately 80 photographs in the album. The photos, with very few exceptions, are of various views. There are very few likenesses. The photographer was obviously serious about his (her) photography.

The photos that I have been able to identify are of New Haven, Conn and its environs: Wolsey Hall at Yale, East and West Rocks and Whitney Lake. There are a couple of shots, included here, of the Sleeping Giant located to the North of New Haven. There are a few shots of farm work and similar country scenes. I will add those to a follow up image set when time permits.

If you can identify any of the photographs or have some general comments to make please use this form and send them along. They will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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