Found photographs come with no context. A proper historian will attempt to establish a context and a history through research. This is as it should be. But we are always tempted make up a story to go with a photograph that catches our eye.

Let's indulge the temptation. Here is a cut from a photograph that was found in Abbeville South Carolina by Bill Moretz. Click on the photo to see the full image. Then, to see Abbie close up click on her face. To return to the full image click on her enlarged face and to return here click on one side or the other of the image (but not on Abbie's face.)

When you have gotten the measure of Abbey write up her story in the space below and send it along to 'Fixing Shadows.' Be sure to include your email and name. Then, with your name removed, Fixing Shadows will add your contribution to Abbie's Story page.

I am from Abbeville, South Carolina. But that is all that I know. I am a character is search of an author. Be my author, give me a story. Thank you.

Use this form box, there is plenty of room. It will scroll down as you go along.

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