Kujamaat-Jóola Phonetics

Adapted from A Grammar of Diola-Fogny, J. David Sapir. Cambridge: Cambridge Univerity Press, 1965


p   t   c   k

b   d   j   g

m  n   ñ  η

f    s              h



w        y



i   í                                u  ú

      é             á            ó

              e                 o


(length is phonemic for all vowels)


All consonants are tense in the presence of tense vowels, otherwise they are lax.


All vowels, including long vowels, are longer when under stress.

VOWEL LENGTH: Length is phonemic for all the vowels.

A technical paper, Acoustic Correlates of "Big" and "Thin" in Kujamutay, Steven Greenberg & J. David Sapir. (Proceedings of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Berkley Linguistic Society)

Word list sound files, prepared by the UCLA Phonetics Lab, under the title Jola Fonyi.