Buñansaη Sound Takes

Jibábaju ínje wa nukanem wo ulí umanjut wo.
Little European, as for me, we have no idea what it is that you are doing here. (aj)

Opening take of the Jerem Buñansaη


Twenty-four verses sung by Suleyman Añara Jeme (including sound takes)

Añara Jeme on the Buñansaη   A 1969 article describing the Buñansaη (J. David Sapir, Diola-Fogny Funeral Songs and the Native Critic - African Language Review, Vol 8 (a PDF file)
In my 1960-61 and 1964-66 field seasons I recorded 8 Buñansaη sings and three futamp (circumcision) festivals Click here for a map

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