Fixing Shadows

May 2015 celebrated the 20th anniversary of Fixing Shadows. Its aim was to provide Web space for the display of serious Straight Photography. At the time there were very few, if any, such sites available. Fixing Shadows was a pioneer site. Contributors came from personal contacts and from correspondence initiated on the very active email newslist, Photohist, which was, at that time, based at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. Arizona.

In recent years photographers find easy space on the Web, by setting up personal web sites. Many of the photographers on Fixing Shadows have followed suit. We have linked to those sites where they exist. What is interesting, with more than a few of our contributors, is the development in their phtography from the time they posted on Fixing Shadows in the late '90s and the early '00s to what they now exhibit on the WEB. In more than one case their photographs on Fixing Shadows equal to and often surpass what they post today.

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