[photo of DS] Welcome to the home page of David Sewell
University of Virginia

Hmm. I've been too busy to add much here far removed from the 1990s to keep an old-school website up to date. This page is here mostly so people searching for me will have something to find, as I'm not on Facebook or more social networking sites than I can help. (As of 2012, I am on Google+.) (OK, as of late 2016 I'm on Facebook, and my Google+ account is moribund.)

Since late 1999 I've been with the University of Virginia Press, first as a project editor, and since October 2002 as managing editor, then editorial/technical manager of our digital imprint, Rotunda. Of late I've been active in the Text Encoding Initiative community: I served on the TEI Council during 2008–9 and served as TEI webmaster and elections administrator for a number of years.

My biggest recent project was the development of Founders Online (with content deriving from the original Rotunda version), which was programmed by me and Tim Finney with assistance from Charlottesville's Ivy Group.

Here's my old Tucson home page [circa 1994–99], with links to writing of various sorts, mostly from that period, when I was active on Usenet and go2net. Here's my favorite old photo, aetas 19.

I have some photo sets on Flickr, mostly of minor natural disasters, trips back to Arizona, and arachnids eating corn on the cob.

Email: dsewell@virginia.edu. And I do like hearing from old friends & acquaintances, so don't hesitate to write.

Former affiliations: Monterey Park, California; Alhambra High School; Mythopoeic Society; Occidental College; Swarthmore College; Yale University; Teachers College, Columbia U; UC San Diego; University of Rochester; University of Arizona; Arizona Native Plant Society.

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