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[March 2003] A word of explanation about this page. In the mid-1990s, when I lived in Tucson and was quite active on the Net in various forums, I created a "Netwriting" page with links to copies of writing I'd done. Nowadays I consider "netwriting" one of those mildly embarrassing coinages, like "Information Superhighway," that reflects the exuberant early adolescence of Internet culture, but I'm stuck with it here for historical reasons.

I've put all of the Usenet pieces here under Creative Commons licenses; see the end of each piece for the license link. Copyright for the EJournal and go2net pieces remains with the original publications.

The original preface follows.

Netwriting is writing I've published on and about the Net; I don't distinguish between content and medium, because I think that writing originally published--that is, freely distributed--via the Internet has a special status as a result of its origin. It is meant from its inception to be a shared artifact, not a commodity.

You'll find here two main topics, the Internet itself and the American Southwest, plus a good bit of humorous writing done under the auspices of the Usenet Oracle and originally published anonymously on

In late 1996 I began doing a semiweekly column for Go2net. Sadly, Go2net dissolved its Internet section in July 1997; the sixteen pieces originally published there are now archived here.

Last update: June 2002

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