go2net "Going Meta" articles

These are pieces of mine that were formerly in the "Going Meta" section of www.go2net.com before go2net abandoned its Internet column to focus on its more lucrative finance and online gaming endeavors.

Some links to proprietary go2net stuff will be broken in these versions, but the body frame, "footnote" frame and other links should be okay. Error messages in the smaller frames caused corruption in the body frame in older versions of Netscape; you might need to hit "reload frame" for all the text to display properly if you're using one. Many links to external sites are no longer valid; such is the way of the Web.

--David Sewell

Reprinted with permission of go2net, Inc.

November 7, 1996  Nets, Webs and Labyrinths
November 21, 1996  Godzilla versus the Microwave Tower
December 5, 1996  Usenet: The Sound of Departing Hoofbeats
December 20, 1996  The Bluffer's Guide to Universal Knowledge
January 3, 1997  Coyote's Last Hack
January 17, 1997  What if Internet Writers Had Covered Early TV?
January 31, 1997  Stoll-en Memories (review of Clifford Stoll)
February 7, 1997  The Joy of Downgrading
March 7, 1997  Where Does an 800 Pound Mozilla Sit?
April 4, 1997  Why Linguists Love the Net
April 18, 1997  Last Virgin on the Net (review of John Seabrook)
May 2, 1997  Metacrawling to Heaven
May 23, 1997  Codependentsnet.com
June 6, 1997  MetaAnswerman Explains Junk Email
June 27, 1997  Embedded in Language, Boxed by Computers
July 11, 1997  God 800,000, Sewell 100: Net celebrity isn't

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