Cyrene Schweitzer

MS current


Ariela Haber

PhD 2017

Variation in volatile emission in Mimulus guttatus and implications for plant-insect interactions

Gerald Woodworth

PhD 2017

Exotic plant species:  drivers and impacts of plant invasions in an eastern deciduous forest community

Eric Elton

PhD 2011

The role of ozone in the succession of native and invasive species in Mid-Atlantic forests

Robert Heckman

MS  2008

The effects of nutrient pulses and community diversity on invasive plant defense in Virginia

Jenica Allen

MS  2007

Enemy Release and evolved increased competitive ability ub Soartina alterniflora invading Pacific US estuaries

Lydia Ries O’Halloran 

MS 2004

Phenotypic plasticity and inbreeding depression in Mimulus ringens (Phrymaceae)

Thomas Kennedy 

MS 2003

The effects of rising nitrate levels and Hydrilla on native plants and freshwater snails and current trends in Limpkin populations