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Since Fall of 1999, I have had a neurological disease that causes me both discomfort and unusual fatigue. Because of this condition, I have cut back to a halftime basis. Also, I spend most of my non-classroom "working" time sitting up in bed with a notebook computer in my lap and a telephone at my side.  Although you should check first to see whether I am at my Law School Office, you will probably have to use method (2) below.

(1) During "Business Hours" at the Law School:

In person, at Room WB 353. If the office is unattended, leave a message requesting an appointment at a convenient time. (See also, other contact alternatives below.)

Via Telephone: 924-3456 (Voice); 924-7536 (Fax)

Via Secretary, Diane Cronk, WB 354' 924-4701.

(2) Other Times and Other Places:

Via unlisted home telephone number for students only: 973-8954. This number may be used, without hesitation or apology, seven days a week between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. It is maintained for student calls and is monitored by a message system when the phone cannot be answered personally. Your call will be returned ASAP.

At any time, via email to Or, use the message form provided by clicking on the email form button provided right here:   [Email Form]

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