University of Virginia

Graduate Lecturer *

Spring 2018: Financial Mathematics

Course Description: The study of the mathematics needed to understand and answer a variety of questions that arise in everyday financial dealings. The emphasis is on applications, including simple and compound interest, valuation of bonds, amortization, sinking funds, and rates of return on investments. A solid understanding of algebra is assumed.

Fall 2017: A Survey of Calculus 1

Course Description: A first calculus course for business/biology/social-science students. Topics include limits and continuity/differentiation & integration of algebraic & elementary transcendental functions/applications to related-rates & optimization problems as well as to curve sketching & exponential growth.

Here is a link to the course syllabus.

Fall 2016: A Survey of Calculus 2

Course Description: A second calculus course for business, biology, and social science students. Analyzes functions of several variables, their graphs, partial derivatives and optimization; multiple integrals. Reviews basic single variable calculus and introduces differential equations and infinite series.

Here is a link to the course syllabus.

Student Group Projects: Near the end of the semester, a cooperative learning task was assigned. This project was designed for students to rethink key calculus concepts and present their knowledge in a creative way. Completed group projects include various types of presentations including PowerPoint, Prezi, Google, and poster presentations. Other groups created poems and YouTube videos. Selected student projects, shared with student permission, are linked below:

University of California, Riverside

Workshop Instructor

FastStart – Precalculus (Summer 2016)

Offered exclusively to incoming first-year UCR students from disadvantaged backgrounds who aspire towards medical or science-based careers.

Introduction to Proofs (Summer 2015)

Offered exclusively to incoming transfer students from community colleges that are majoring in mathematics.

Lecturer *

College Algebra (Summer 2014)

Course Description: Covers functions and their graphs, including linear and polynomial functions, zeroes, and inverse functions as well as exponential and logarithmic functions. Also includes counting, including elementary probability. Involves applications to business and social sciences.

Here is a link to the course syllabus.

Graduate Student Teaching Assistant *

Secondary Lecturer

  • Trigonometry and First-Year Calculus, Part A – Fall 2013
  • Precalculus – Summer 2013, Fall 2012
  • College Algebra – Fall 2015, Winter 2014, Summer 2013

Discussion Section: Upper Division

  • Polynomials and Number Systems – Winter 2016

Discussion Sections: Lower Division

  • Differential Equations – Spring 2015
  • Calculus: Several Variables, Part A – Spring 2016
  • First-Year Calculus, Part C – Spring 2016, Spring 2015, Winter 2015
  • First-Year Calculus, Part B – Winter 2016, Spring 2015, Fall 2014
  • First-Year Calculus, Part A – Fall 2014, Fall 2012

Microtutorials in Mathematics

Actor and/or Script-Writer (2015-16)

Selected videos (see CV for complete list):