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About Me

Currently, I am a fifth-year University of Virginia graduate student. Dr. Julie Bergner is my thesis advisor.

As a Ph.D. in Mathematics student, my research interests are algebraic topology and abstract homotopy theory. One of the benefits of being a mathematics graduate student is having the opportunity to refine teaching skills while inspiring students to achieve academic excellence. After completing my doctoral degree, my career goal is to continue research while teaching mathematics in a tenure-track position.

In June 2014, I completed my Masters of Science in Mathematics at University of California, Riverside. My Bachelors of Science in Mathematics was completed at California Baptist University in May 2012. The expected completion of my doctoral degree from the University of Virginia is May 2018.

When I am not studying mathematics, I enjoy competing in various sports and playing piano. During my graduate student career, I have been a member of intramural softball, volleyball, and soccer teams with fellow math graduate students. Another interest is experimenting with photography while on nature hikes.


Contact Information

Email: osborne (at) virginia (dot) edu

Office: Kerchoff 119

Office Hours

Fall 2017:

  • Monday 4:45pm - 6pm
  • Wednesday 4:45pm - 6pm
  • Thursday 1:20pm - 1:50pm

Please feel free to schedule an appointment if you cannot make the scheduled office hours. I am passionate about helping students succeed in mathematics!