Several people have asked about the technical details of my photographs. I hope the following information will answer some questions.

I used some Canon (AE1 and Elan) and Leica (M4 and M6) cameras to take the pictures. I used 35 mm lenses about 90% of the time, and 50mm the other 10%.

I used Kodak's TriX film throughout, rated it at ASA 200, and developed between 6:30-7:00 minutes at 68 deg F in a generic D-76-like developer diluted 1:1.

The newer pictures are printed on Ilford MG3. Older prints are on Mistubishi graded fiber paper. All are on glossy paper.

After scanning the 8x10 photos on a 300dpi Ricoh scanner, I touched them up using Adobe Photoshop running on a Sun workstation. I removed spots, adjusted contrast, and sharpened the images a little.