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Every American should know—in fact, every American should know by heart—Walt Whitman's elegy for President Lincoln,  "When Lilacs last in the Door-Yard Bloom'd"

This site will translate the utterance of your choice into the idiosyncratic yet unforgettable dialect of the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show.

Read a classic ghost story like Sheridan Lefanu's famous Green Tea, or M.R. James's chilling little masterpiece The Mezzotint.

Cat lovers should probably stay away from this one.

Ever wonder if the postmodernist prose you've been reading was composed by a machine? You might be right.

H.H. Munro (1870-1916) is better known by his pen-name, Saki. One of his best is The Unrest Cure.

All right-thinking people agree that Australia just doesn't get enough respect.

More feline fun, courtesy of my friend Janet. ("Takes a moment to load up, but—be flooded—what can say. Waves of beauty breaking over me").

Then, when you are enough with your joy, you can move on to ...

... Rotunda-Cam! The view of the Lawn from Cabell Hall is updated every ten seconds. [NB. Works better in the daytime]

Have your mind read--for free!

Are you frightened of literature? Do ideas make you nervous? Then you'll be grateful to this group of public-spirited Virginia citizens, who are working tirelessly to keep books like Sophie's World, The Joy Luck Club and Beloved out of high school libraries. (Remember: Bad is not for us to determine. Bad is what you determine is bad!)

Hate little smiley faces? Tired of being told to have a nice day? You're not alone.

An amusing "site" that explores a peculiar grammatical "phenomenon."

John Gibson has reminded me that Live Arts is not only useful, but also frivolous.

This site is devoted to a phenomenon you may well have observed yourself.

Some questions classicists get tired of being asked:

What does "uva uvam vivendo variam fit" mean?
Okay, smartass, how about "lorem ipsum dolor sit amet ..."?

If you've ever spent any time on an internet message board, you'll recognize many of these folks.

Princess Diana's death foretold in Moby Dick!!!

The ever-popular "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" home-page.

My Little Pony or Porn Star ...? You be the judge.

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