"Myth is a traditional tale with secondary, partial reference to something of collective importance."
     -Walter Burkert

Two (of many) functions of myth:

1) Aetiological

2) Social discourse Foundation Legends

1) Heracles (= Hercules)

2) Aeneas

3) Romulus

                            Numitor          Amulius

       MARS = Ilia/Rhea Silvia

    Romulus      Remus

The Seven Kings (trad. 753-509)

1) Romulus
o Founds Rome
o Establishes city as asylum
o Rape of Sabine Women
o Becomes god Quirinus (or murdered?)

2) Numa
o Sabine by birth
o Institutes rituals, cults, calendar etc.

3) Tullus Hostilius
o Warrior king
o Conquers town of Alba Longa

4) Ancus Martius
o Founds various institutions, customs
Etruscan Kings (historical?)

5) Tarquinius Priscus
6) Servius Tullius
7) Tarquinius Superbus ("T. the Proud")

Exemplary History (NB: all dates traditional only)


Self-Sacrifice Poverty, Virtus, Humility, Farming ... Female exempla Complex Myths

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