Hellene: Greek
Hellenization: 'Greekification'
Philhellene: Friendly to Greece and/or Greeks

Others will cast more tenderly in bronze
Their breathing figures, I can well believe,
And bring more lifelike portraits out of marble;
Argue more eloquently, use the pointer
To trace the paths of heaven accurately
And accurately foretell the rising stars.
Roman, remember by your strength to rule
Earth's people--for your arts are to be these:
To pacify, to impose the rule of law,
To spare the conquered, battle down the proud.
            Vergil, Aeneid VI 1145-1154

280s War with Pyrrhus
240  Greek plays produced in Rome
184  Censorship of Cato the Elder
167  Crates lectures
161  Expulsion of rhetoricians, philosophers
155  Embassy of 3 Athenian philosophers
146   L. Mummius sacks Corinth
1st c. Hellenization in full swing

1) Influence, Assimilation, Borrowing

Vanquished Greece took her conqueror captive

Early influences (< Magna Graecia)

Historiography: Fabius Pictor, fl. 216 BC


Education Politics Lifestyle: "going Greek" 2). Translation & Imitation



3). Rivalry ("X is the Roman ______")

Cicero, Republic (< Plato)
  Philippics (< Demosthenes)

4). Transmutation

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