Familia: Group subject to paterfamilias

Paterfamilias: Senior male family member

Patria Potestas: Authority of paterfamilias over members of familia

Ideal of filial pietas (Aeneas & Anchises)
Parricide as abhorrent crime

Familial Ideal

... masking more diverse reality Marriage Two Types:

1) With manus: husband becomes paterfamilias

2) Without manus: father still paterfamilias


Marriage links father-in-law (socer) & son-in-law (gener)

Childbirth & Raising Children

High infant mortality rates

Birth Control

Augustan Moral Legislation
Privileges for having 3+ children

Philippe Ariès, Centuries of Childhood (1960)
Is 'childhood' a modern invention?

Childhood in the Roman world

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