Items listed by Préaux but excluded from the annotated bibliography

M. Manitius, Aus der Münchner Hyginhandschrift, Hermes 40 (1905), 471-478

The article analyzes the readings in Monacensis lat. 13084 in relation to other Hyginus manuscripts. One of these, Montpellier 314, also contains the Mitologiae. Fulgentius is not mentioned in the article, which has no relevance to him whatsoever.

E.S. Bouchier, Life and Letters in Roman Africa. Oxford, 1913, p. 111.

O. Friebel, Fulgentius der Mythograph und Bishof, in: Wochenschrift für klassische Philologie. 32, 1915, 965-970. 994-1093.

This is a phantom entry; the page numbers are those of Bögel's review of Friebel (listed elsewhere in the appropriate place).

M. Simonetti, Studi sulla letteratura cristiana d'Africa in età vandalica, in: Rendiconti dell' Istituto lombardo. Classe di lettere, scienze morali e storiche. 83, 1950, 407-424.

This item has nothing whatever to do with the mythographer, the bishop, or the question of their identification.

Further Corrigenda to Préaux.

p. xvii line 9 for "Literarisches Centrallblatt. 27" read "Literarisches Centrallblatt. 50" (27 is the number of the issue, not the volume).

ibid. line 11 for "Deutsche Literaturzeitung. 23" read "Deutsche Literaturzeitung. 20" (same error).

Other items not included in the main bibliography.

Ronnie H. Terpening, Charon and the Crossing. Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Transformations of a Myth (Lewisburg, 1985)

Incidental mentions of F. (see index s.v. Fulgentius).

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