Epicurus (341-270 BC)


Life and Career Writings Philosophical Context

Hellenistic Philosophy (post-Alexander the Great, d. 323 BC)

Rise of Stoicism (Zeno) and Epicureanism Epicureanism

Epistemology ("how we know what we know")

Physical Theory: Atomism or "Doin' the Swerve" Moral/Ethical Theory

The Soul (= Bk 3 of The Way Things Are)

Human Beings The Gods and Religion Epicurus's Achievement:
Combined concern for ethical philosophy with the physical philosophy with which the pre-Socratic philosophers had been concerned: e.g. "Monists" such as Thales (water), Anaximenes (air), Heraclitus (fire), etc.
Lucretius and Epicureanism in the Roman World

T. Lucretius Carus (ca. 94-55 BC)

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