Romans & Barbarians

Latin barbarus < Gk barbaros < sound bar-bar
East North (West)
Persians (Greeks) Spaniards
Syrians Romans Britons
Egyptians Gauls
Greeks Germans

Outside system: Jews, Ethiopians, N. Africans
effeminate manly, free  slavish
decadent civilized primitive
deceitful honest, smart dumb

civilized  imitators,  has-beens manly
smart unimaginative, corrupt honest

Interaction with Non-Romans

Independent peoples (Persia; Germans)

"Client kingdoms" (East, N. Africa) Roman provinces Romanization

Stages in Romanization

Provincial governments:

Provincial governments don't: Tacitus, Agricola Case-Study 1: Egypt

Main source: papyrus documents

Geographical divisions

Ethnic divisions Government Documentation Case-Study 2: Judaea

Main source: Josephus (b. 37/8 AD)

Jewish Diaspora (586 BC >)

Political History

Religious Toleration Range of reactions to Roman rule Outside Threats: North & East


Northern Peoples

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