Octavian: The Road to Power

49 Civil War (Caesar vs. Pompey)
44 Assassination of Caesar on Ides of March by Brutus, Cassius, etc.
     Octavian Caesar's heir & adopted son
43 "Second" Triumvirate appointed (Octavian, Antony, Lepidus)
42 Philippi: Triumvirs defeat Brutus/Cassius
40  Brief thaw: Antony marries Octavia
36 Triumvirs defeat Sextus Pompey
33 Triumvirs' power expires; war looms
31 Actium: Octavian defeats Antony/Cleo.
27 Octavian "restores" Republic

Octavian's Constitutional Position

Reconstruction & Rebuilding

29 Gates of War at Temple of Janus closed
20 Diplomatic "victory" over Parthians
     Priesthoods revived (e.g Arval Brethren)
19 Vergil's Aeneid published
18 Moral legislation
17 Secular Games
12 Augustus becomes Pontifex Maximus

Public Works (< esp. M. Agrippa)

Literary Patronage (< C. Maecenas) The Imperial Image

Forum of Augustus

Temple of Apollo on Palatine hill

Mausoleum of Augustus, w/ Res Gestae  ("Accomplishments") engraved at entrance

Ara Pacis ("Altar of Peace"), 13-9 BC

Augustus of Prima Porta Gems (e.g. Gemma Augustea)


Gathering Clouds

German Campaign

Succession Problem AD 14 Death of Augustus

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