Albert H. Choi

Professor of Law

University of Michigan Law School

625 South State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1215


Curriculum Vitae (pdf) (MS word)

Publications: Articles and Essays

Crisis-Driven Tax Law: The Case of Section 382 (pdf) (with Quinn Curtis and Andrew Hayashi), forthcoming in Florida Tax Review

Golden Parachutes and the Limits of Shareholder Voting (pdf) (with Andrew Lund and Robert Schonlau), forthcoming in Vanderbilt Law Review

Designing and Enforcing Preliminary Agreements (pdf) (with George Triantis), forthcoming in Texas Law Review

Taking a Financial Position in Your Opponent in Litigation (pdf) (with Kathy Spier), 108:12 American Economic Review 3626 – 3650 (2018)

Contractarian Theory and Unilateral Bylaw Amendments (pdf) (with Geeyoung Min), 104:1 Iowa Law Review 1 – 44 (2018)

Appraising the “Merger Price” Appraisal Rule (pdf) (with Eric Talley), 34:4 Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 543 – 578 (2018)

Concentrated Ownership and Long-Term Shareholder Value (pdf), 8:1 Harvard Business Law Review 53 – 99 (2018)

Reputation and Litigation: Why Costly Legal Sanctions Can Work Better than Reputational Sanctions (pdf) (with Scott Baker), 47:1 Journal of Legal Studies 45 – 82 (2018)

Fee-Shifting and Shareholder Litigation (pdf), 104:1 Virginia Law Review 59 – 111 (2018)

Facilitating Mergers and Acquisitions with Earnouts and Purchase Price Adjustments (pdf), 2:1 Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting 1 – 47 (2017)

Non-Profit Status and Relational Sanctions: Commitment to Quality through Repeat Interactions and Organizational Choice (pdf), 58:4 Journal of Law and Economics 969 – 993 (2015)

Contract’s Role in Relational Contract (pdf) (with Scott Baker), 101:3 Virginia Law Review 559 – 607 (2015)

Should Consumers Be Permitted to Waive Products Liability? Product Safety, Private Contracts, and Adverse Selection (pdf) (with Kathy Spier), 30:4 Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 734 – 766 (2014)

Market Conditions and Contract Design: Variations in Debt Contracting (pdf) (with George Triantis), 88:1 New York University Law Review 51 – 82 (2013)

The Effect of Bargaining Power on Contract Design (pdf) (with George Triantis), 98:8 Virginia Law Review 1665 – 1744 (2012)

Strategic Vagueness in Contract Design: The Case of Corporate Acquisitions (pdf), (with George Triantis), 119:5 Yale Law Journal 848 – 924 (2010)

A Rent Extraction Theory of Right of First Refusal (pdf), 57:2 Journal of Industrial Economics 252 – 264 (2009)

Completing Contracts in the Shadow of Costly Verification (pdf) (with George Triantis), 37:2 Journal of Legal Studies 503 – 534 (2008)

Optimal Agency Contracts: The Effect of Vicarious Liability and Judicial Error (pdf) (with Juan Carlos Bisso), 28:3 International Review of Law and Economics 166 – 174 (2008)

A Critique of the Odious Debt Doctrine (pdf) (with Eric Posner), 70:3 Law and Contemporary Problems 33 – 51 (2007)

Successor Liability and Asymmetric Information (pdf), 9:2 American Law and Economics Review 408 – 434 (2007)

Should Plaintiffs Win What Defendants Lose? Litigation Stakes, Litigation Effort, and the Benefits of Decoupling (pdf) (with Chris Sanchirico), 33:2 Journal of Legal Studies 323 – 354 (2004)

Golden Parachute as a Compensation Shifting Mechanism (pdf), 20:1 Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 170 – 191 (2004)

Allocating Settlement Authority under a Contingent Fee Arrangement (pdf), 23:2 Journal of Legal Studies 585 – 610 (2003)

Publications: Comments, Book Chapters, and Reviews

Comment on “Wrongful Convictions, Deterrence, and Stigma Dilution” (pdf), 25:1 Supreme Court Economic Review 217 – 221 (2017)

Addressing Informational Challenges with Earnouts in Mergers and Acquisitions (pdf), in Claire Hill & Steven Davidoff Solomon, eds., Research Handbook on Mergers and Acquisitions (Edward Elgar Press, 2016)

Works in Progress (tentatively titled)

Class Actions and Private Antitrust Litigation (pdf) (with Kathy Spier), posted in February 2019

Relationship-Specific Investment, Asymmetric Information, and the Role of Good Faith Obligations (pdf) (with George Triantis), posted in February 2019

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